woven malawi chair

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hot tropic. The natural beauty of Malawi basketry takes a modern seat in the sun, woven with a rich sense of cultural tradition. Handcarved from the wood of the indigenous blue gum tree, sculptural seat rises and curves in a sheltering frame intricately woven with strips of tropical bamboo. Each chair takes 10 days to complete, handcrafted by Malawi artisans in collaboration with CB2 and non-profit organization People of the Sun. Our support of this important initiative helps artisans to earn a sustainable income to support their families while preserving their cultural heritage and celebrating traditional craft. Learn more about the woven malawi chair. -Handmade -Frame: Solid wood from the blue gum tree -Rattan -Bamboo strips -Outdoor-safe; store indoors during inclement weather and when not in use -Made in Malawi of domestic and imported materials