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Uncle Harry's Detox Bath

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"Uncle Harry's Detox Bath helps draw out toxic heavy metals and other impurities from your body using mineral-rich bentonite clay, pure sea salt, and nourishing organic seaweed. For a bath, place one half to one cup of Detox Bath powder in warm water. Mix into water and relax. For a body wrap, make a paste with a half cup or less of clay and water. Mix until smooth. Apply on specific parts of the body or all over. Let dry for thirty minutes, then rinse. To tighten the skin, wrap clay covered areas with a cloth or plastic. Keep on for one hour while doing light exercise. Do not wrap more than twice per week. Created by Uncle Harry's, a family-run company that creates all-natural products with you - and the environment - in mind. Content + Care- Ingredients: Bentonite clay (70+ trace minerals), pink sea salt (60+ trace minerals), organic bladderwrack seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus). Gluten free and vegan. - Made in the USASize- 24 oz,ASSORTED,ONE SIZE"