Tolix® Marais Four-Seater Dining Table

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Metalworker Xavier Pauchard not only brought the art of galvanizing steel to France but also took the process to the next level by creating the Marais A Chair (1934). The quintessential cafe chair, it was both elegant and robust enough to grace the decks of the S. S. Normandie ocean liner. After the death of Pauchard in 1948, his son Jean took over as managing director of Tolix, and soon filled a void in the collection by designing a Dining Table (1955) to go with his father’s A Chair. Eighty years after the company was founded, the Tolix name is recognized worldwide as best-in-class furniture. All Tolix furniture is still made in Autun, the same Burgundy town where the company first began. Slight surface abrasions and markings are characteristic of the material and part of its hardworking machine aesthetic. Made in France. Tolix products are protected by copyright, making it illegal for another company to clone this table. At DWR, the Tolix products we sell are 100% authentic. The Marais Collection should be protected from moisture and kept indoors when not in use to maintain its finish. DWR Exclusive