Women's SLEEP WELLE Calming Tea RefillableĀ Caddy

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WelleCo's Sleep Welle Calming Tea is a natural and effective blend of herbs designed to take before bed if you have occasional difficulty sleeping and effective during the day when you need a moment of stillness and calm. Made from a combination of skullcap, hops, and valerian root, the blend has calming effects, promotes a sense of well-being, and eases stress. The tea is encased in the iconic refillable glass caddy designed by leading Australian glass artist Jasper Dowding which is UV-resistant to protect the ingredients. Use: Infuse 1-2 teabags in very hot water (not boiling) for 2-10 minutes. Best taken before bedtime and consumed without milk. Add honey to sweeten if desired. Includes 50 tea bags. Featured ingredients: skullcap, hops, valerian root. Benefits: calming effects, promote a sense of well-being, ease stress. All natural ingredients. Not tested on animals. 2. 82 oz/80g. Made in Australia. Suitable for 15 years and over. If pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications, or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use. May contain traces of milk, soy, tree nuts, sesame seeds, and eggs as product is processed in a facility handling those ingredients. Not all ingredients are listed.