Roll-On Aromatherapy Oil

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Vitruvi believes in the power of smell to enhance our mood and overall well- being. They blend herbs and small batch essential oil into modern aromatherapy meant to create a sense of ritual and ceremony in your daily life. Each scent is as complex as perfume, with top, middle and bottom notes that help create meaning and memory each time you use it. Focus: an invigorating mixture of rosemary, lemongrass, basil, and clove to increase memory and productivitySleep: inspired by the scent of cashmere, this blend of lavender, chamomile, vetiver, frankincenese, and ylang ylang helps calm the mind for a restful nightStill: smoky vetiver, fresh sage, subtle rose, and geranium blend in an ode to modern meditationWake: this mellow blend of juniper, eucalpytus and bergamot promotes alertness and deep breathingBalance: a blend of sweet fennel, fresh peppermint, and calming lavender offers a moment of uplifting escape, wherever your day may take youHow to use:. We recommend rolling on pressure points such as wrists, collarbones and temples whenever needed.