Red Kisses Pure Silk Sleep Mask

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This luxurious, pure silk sleep mask was refined and perfected over the course of ten years to ensure it delivers the most restorative beauty rest. Crafted from long-strand mulberry silk both inside and out, it protects delicate skin from the tugging effects of tossing and turning. About SlipAfter she was prescribed a medication that had the unfortunate side-effect of thinning her hair, Fiona Stewart's doctor suggested that she sleep on a silk pillowcase to minimize breakage and loss. Dissatisfied with what she found in the marketplace, Stewart decided to source her own silk and create her own. Noticing immediate improvements to the health and radiance of both her hair and her skin, she decided to found SLIP - a line of luxurious, hypoallergenic shams and sleep masks that protect from the creases and pulling often caused by standard-issue cotton.