Plodes® Geometric Fire Pit

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Growing up in a resourceful do-it-yourself family, John Paul Plauché learned how to design and create objects at an early age. A man with an inquisitive, artistic mind, Plauché earned a degree in architecture before starting Plodes Studio. Today, this multidisciplinary workshop provides clients with architectural, interior and product design solutions. Whether he’s working on a limited-edition piece of art or a mass-produced shelving system for Google’s offices, Plauché’s approach is about simplicity. “My work is the result of a coalescence of art, product and architectural design,” says the designer. His handcrafted Geometric Fire Pit (2004) is available in a choice of two sizes and two metals – A36 low-carbon steel or Corten steel – and can be used with seasoned wood or charcoal. A pipe-shaped plug is included for preventing coals and ash from falling through the opening while allowing enough airflow to fuel the fire. For outdoor use only. Made in U. S. A. The A36 low-carbon steel type will continuously rust and peel. The Corten steel type will rust for several months until it weathers and develops a protective patina. The A36 low-carbon steel type will continuously yield runoff that will stain adjacent materials such as stone and concrete. The Corten steel type will yield runoff until weathered. Purchase the Grate Top or Cedar Top to turn the Geometric Fire Pit into a grill or table.