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Moon Juice Sex Dust Sachet Box

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"Get it on with Moon Juice's Sex Dust which creates a lusty state of mind that will ignite + excite creative energy, in and out of the bedroom. Sends waves of sensitivity + power to all the places you need it. To use, add one sachet to 8 oz of any hot or cold liquid. Delicious with nut milk, water or tea. Make Sex Dust chocolate milk with 8 oz nut or seed milk, 1 tablespoon raw cacao, 1 sachet Sex Dust, 1 teaspoon honey or stevia. Created by Moon Juice, a line that celebrates the unadulterated, exquisite flavors and healing force of raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, and seaweeds. Content + Care- Includes 10 sachets, Moon Dust Cosmic Cooklet- Ingredients: Ho Shou Wu, Organic Cacao, Shilajit, Maca, Organic Schisandra, Cistanche, Epimedium, Organic Stevia- Made in the USASize- 10 sachets- 0. 11 oz each,BLUE,ONE SIZE"