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Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes

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Beholden to bold flavors and non-strict authenticity, the editors of Lucky Peach magazine present a hardcover cookbook of 101 easy Asian recipes that hit the sweet spot between crave-worthy and stupid simple. Your friends and lovers will marvel as you show off your culinary worldliness, whipping up meals with all the fish-sauce-splattered panache and soy-soaked, ginger-scallion-y goodness you could ever want! A co-creation of David Chang (the chef behind Momofuku) and writer Peter Meehan, Lucky Peach is a quarterly journal that focuses solely on food, writing + the intersection of the two. Each issue focuses on a single theme, and explores that theme through recipes, essays + illustrations. Hardcover; 2015, Clarkson Potter. Size - 272 pages - Dimensions: 7. 6"l x 1"w x 10. 5"h