Cordette Pendant by Moe Lighting

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This snazzy little basket of light can be found in the 1958 Moe Lighting Catalogue. Under this alluring category: accent lighting, the "Touch" that makes the Difference. Oooh la la Moe. The Cordette, it goes on to say, is a "Whirl-Cord brass wire trimmed fixture. " It features laminated cotton cord and polished brass trim "to accentuate the charm of its highly unusual texture. " This one is in such good condition it seems to have leaped right off the page and into our Restored Antiques department. Speaking of leaping off the page, we can't help but relay this case for choosing not just one Cordette fixture, but the whole family:"Graceful and attractive as each fixture is when used singly, its effectiveness is multiplied a hundredfold when its whole 'family' is used judiciously throughout the entire home . . the home becomes the envy of all beholders!"