Elements of Aura

Cleansing a Space Ritual Kit

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A ritual is the creation of a sacred time and space, a communion with the spirit and an expansion of the mind. A ritual can be as simple or as complex as suits your purpose, but this carefully curated, giftable kit offers the tools and guidelines you need to cleanse and open your space to positive energy. About Elements of AuraBelieving that beauty is a powerful force that can awaken compassion, love, and joy, Melanie Maslany and Karli Rosen created Elements of Aura - a collection of carefully curated kits and tools designed to pamper our chakras and empower a more mindful, interconnected way of life. Using only ethically sourced materials in each of their small, hand-crafted batches, they offer a unique array of wellness tools that honor the planet we live on and the ideals we share.