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Bear Watercolor Face by Natasha Marie

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Giclee on paper 20" x 20" Origin: Seattle, WA Condition: New. Natasha Marie was born in British Columbia, Canada and grew up drawing rocket ships and planets in the margins of her notebooks. She was drawn to art making at an early age, crafting little paper sculptures inside the hollow of her wooden school desk and practicing pointillism instead of math. Natasha?s art is influenced by a love of precision and order, and she works with meticulous detail. She employs watercolor, acrylic, mixed media as well as three dimensional wood, canvas, metal, cardboard and paper. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington with her dog, husband and a Volkswagon bus named Wes Vanderson. All art sales are final. Art only available to ship within the United States Overall Dimensions: 20" x 20" If necessary, oil and acrylic paintings can be cleaned with a damp cloth or by a professional art conserver. Works under glass can be cleaned using a glass cleaner, but avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning works under plexi to prevent surface damage.